?How to design a different and memorable logo for your company

?How to design a different and memorable logo for your company

What’s meant by logo?

The logo is a symbol for companies and social organizations, can be special characters for the company or organization which reflect the nature of its field. Logos are information or concepts about the company and which varies according its field. Here are some important points to know before creating the logo:

1. Simple:

The logo should be simple which is basis for a successful logo to be memorable in people's minds

2. Various and continuous:

The logo should be varied so that it is used in the media and to keep the logo in mind so that it is easy to control, zoom and change. It is necessary to design a continuous logo over time and time.

3. Choosing the appropriate colors:

The logo designer should choose carefully the logo colors in order to be attractive and comfortable to the eye. It facilitates memorizing the logo, also the logo must not exceed three colors and it is important to begin the logo’s design with black color.

4. Unique logo:

The logo should not be traditional or imitated from a place

5. You must know what is going on your customer’s:

The designer must add the project’s idea and the customer’s need in the logo and the client's perception of the logo and if it reflects his work or designing of the letters in a professional font format writing.

6. Begin designing the logo on paper:

You should start by drawing logos on paper and studying them well to test the best and the most suitable one.

7. Logos should be studied:

The designer should focus on the different logos, study them well in order to know the reasons for their success, which give him a clear vision in creating the logo.

8. Choose the appropriate font for the logo design:

The designer should choose the appropriate font which lead to a magnificent and beautiful design.

9. Stay away from negative in the logo:

The logo designer should focus on motion in logo which increase its attractiveness.

11. Different cultures:

Different cultures must be taken into consideration by the designer where understanding people with different cultures helps him in creating a successful logo

12. Different sizes of logo should be observed:

The designer must take into account checking the logo in different sizes to ensure its accuracy and beauty in all sizes