How can I determine the appropriate budget for an ad?

How can I determine the appropriate budget for an ad?

how much the budget should be? this question mystifies lots of people....

Basically, you are responsible for setting the ads budget, on condition you know the results you would reach, and the size of competition on your targeted audience.

  1. Facebook ads is an auction consist of advertisers who are trying to reach people interested in their product or service which they provide, and as the demand increase, the advertisement will be very expensive.
  2. The post’s content accuracy, for example if the content is valuable, the CTR will be high which represents the proportion of people viewed the ad to the number of people who clicked on it.

And if you know the buyer persona of the people interested in your product, based on this you choose the suitable way to write your content whether it was for youth or women or old people

You’ll ask me again about how much should you spend on ads?

Look, you’ll see the whole budget dedicated for ads, for example 5000 pounds, then begin testing 10% of the budget to find the best content which get the highest results, the most attractive topic to your audience. As we know ads problems has no end, What is the most problem you face?