Marketing Success Tips:

Marketing Success Tips:

It is natural that every owner will keen on achieving the greatest success in marketing his products and in order to reach this he should follow several tips:

1_ Make sure that customers are your company’s foundation and the product won’t succeed without a customer.

2_ Be careful to provide a product that satisfies your customers’ wishes.

3_ Evaluating the product and working continuously in terms of sales ratio and the production.

4_ Pursuing the reservation of existing customers is better than taking care of a new client for only one time.

5- Ensure the implementation of a strategy which contributes to the differentiation your product from other competitive products, whether by price or quality.

6_ Seeking to provide new products which contribute to increasing the number of customers.

7_ The application of new methods in advertising and promoting your product such as participation in events and marketing festivals and commercials.

8_ Promoting the product using electronic marketing and its tools such as e-mail and websites