The differences between sales and marketing

The differences between sales and marketing

What’s meant by Marketing?

It’s easily doing some operations which aims to facilitate business transactions between customers and the company that owns the product or service through:

• Market analysis

• Studying the requirements and public needs and its shortages

• Know the problems which faced the customers with similar products or product if it has problems

• Expecting any movements in the market whether positive or negative and the reserved decisions to avoid those negative movements


It is a profession where you innovate ideas and prepare plans and concessions for a product or service to increase its selling opportunity. Marketing processes help to create an identity for the product or service. Since Marketers are the basis of any success achieved by the company and that is through their creative ideas and future aspirations for the product or service. As when you see a useful product with impressive, you often hurry to purchase this product.

In this way, the marketing department has somehow made you buy their own product which is called "creating a sales opportunity for the product" and thus have done their mission through their marketing insights. And here comes the role of Salesperson.....

What’s meant by sales?

It’s the direct deal between the company and the client through a sales representative to sell the product and directly get financial reward without practicing of marketing mechanisms and studies, but in fact sales is one of the complementary methods of marketing, since marketing is the main field which include research fields and services Including the field of sale which is the main objective of shopping and all business operations.


It’s a profession where you try to sell the product in another way which is offering the product or service to the category likely interested in buying this product, through their ability in convincing the customer to buy the product by presenting its advantages....

Despite their differences No element can be dispensed by the other, as their combination generates profits, since you can’t sell a product which is not yet marketed, and you can’t convince a customer with a product that is not identified, so the selling process is easier when the service is known through the Marketing process.