The importance of using tools in social media marketing

The importance of using tools in social media marketing

Now the majority realized the importance of tools like providing content or developing and modifying it as well as developing advertising campaigns in social media, with a direct relationship to analyzing your data basically on the rates of interaction and growth which is sufficient in designing a mini-model of your company on the Internet.

In this article, we’ll highlight a set of tools that can help you tracking your account media..

1- Klout :

It is considered one of the best tools as you’ll never meet any difficulty to collect data from your multiple social networks, social private Pick, therefore this tool enables you to publish suitable content for those who follow you and need this content also benefit from it...

2- Twazz up

The tool is easy, simple and available to any anyone to use since it is a unique tool for people want paid tools, and since it’s a paid tool for tracking twitter account, it Enables you to know the accounts which follow you and integrate with your accounts and your tweets.

3- Tweet reach:

One of the best tools only if you are really interested to know about the tweets came to your twitter account and the number it could reach also the amount of discussions and interaction with it ...

4- Social mentions:

The best tools to use as a manager for social networking accounts at your company, since it can measure 3 things:

_Your strengths between the other networks which work with the same Audience.

_ People’s opinions about the Brand, whether negative or positive.

_Most following accounts that also interacts with you.

5- Sum All:

A tool which helps small and medium-sized businesses in tacking their own statistics and the people’s interaction with their business by providing reports and a special control panel easy to deal with.

6- How sociable

Very distinctive as it helps most people to track their own accounts on internet, since it does some statistics to know the growth rates whether weekly, monthly or annual and therefore you’ll be able to know about the the most active and impact networks in your field...