Tips to pass any event in 6 easy steps

Tips to pass any event in 6 easy steps

We all know that social Media is a useful tool that any brand uses in the business, especially you’ll make an event.

So here is the most important 6 steps you should make if you are planning for organizing an event whether big or small and you need a social media coverage.

1- Use YouTube live events:

This Feature enables you to present anything related to your business live.

2- Use a distinctive hashtag for your event

Hashtags are very useful since they help people find you. Not only this, but also people who attend the event may want to check-in or write what they are doing at the moment.

So when they use your hashtag, their friend and followers will see it.

3- Make an announcement about you event on social media networks:

I mean talking about the event or if a celebrity will attend the event

And always use the same hashtag for your event announcement

4- We said that we’ll send them all the info through YouTube, which by the way is not enough

Like while attending the event, you may make updates on all your social media network in order motivate people to keep up with the event.

And, if there is someone who’ll make a speech, you can post it on Facebook and let your audience know that it will begin...

It is also possible to post some of the speaker’s speech in the event on twitter

It is necessary to feel about your social media as if they were attending the event even if they actually didn’t.

5- One of the most important points which a lot of people lie ignore, but you should focus on it.

While the Event is running, and you download updates, you should make Interaction with people on Social media

I mean, responding to their comments and questions. Never ignore them.

6- Try to connect people who attended the event your social media.

I mean, let them know that they can ask any of speakers for any need, and you will him answer the questions.

This guarantee that we covered the event and also in reality...

It also enables those who attended the event to see these updates after going home which will also increase the Interaction.