Criteria should be followed while choosing a domain name for your site

Criteria should be followed while choosing a domain name for your site

If you are planning to create a new website on Internet, we will tell you how…

First thing you have to do is to choose the domain name for the site, and you make sure that the name is not reserved or operated by other site as the name choice is your starting point regardless to the site type, whether it is a site for e-commerce or educational or any other site, but there are standards to follow while choosing the domain name for your site.

First standard: Name length

While choosing a domain name for your site, stay away from the long names and search for short names since short names are preferable for users than long names, also easy to be memorized

Second: Similar names

In case the budget of the site allows you to buy or rent more than one domain name, but it is better to choose domain names similar to your site’s name, which can be wrongly used to reach your site... Its purpose is preventing others from taking advantage of your site name and this exploit is either increase their site traffic and benefit from your site fame, or may be for other purpose like abusing your site or blackmail in order to buy from them the domain name at a high price.

Third: Name Spelling

While choosing your domain, keep away from using names with difficult spelling, which may be wrongly written by the user, this standard is very important in the Arab sites and which target the Arab visitor who spell a lot of words English wrongly, so what about the words difficult to spell, therefore we recommend you use using words that are easy to spell and deliberate in order to minimize misspell as much as possible.



Fourth standard: Memorable

It is important while creating your site to choose easy domains to be memorized easily through searching for actions, formulas, phrases and words that can stuck in the users mind and can be remembered once they read it , as un related names are remembered difficultly. And since easy domains are memorable therefore the user won’t need to search for it in Google, but write it directly.

Fifth standard: Business Relationship

Try to use a trademark in your domain name... since customers remember trademark easily, a lot of companies use the brand name like Ford Motor Company which use as a domain name, also a lot of companies use the brand name as their Domain whether In e - marketing or even having a special trademark, use it as a domain name.

Sixth Standard: Use the symbol (_)

If you want to use a specific name but unfortunately it was reserved, you have to the symbol (_) in order to differentiate it, we use the symbol (_), but reduce using this symbol, since users don’t like repeating it.