The impact of publishing old content on the site's SEO

The impact of publishing old content on the site's SEO

The blogger always thinks about republishing his old articles, but is it possible to republish articles again? Is re-publishing old articles useful to site SEO or will it cause retraction? Can articles be redrafted and republished? Let us discuss in this article the advantage of using old articles...

  • Why will you re-publish old articles?

Let's clarify that not all old articles can be re-published, some articles may be outdated where many of the updates appeared later, re-publishing this type of articles will impact negatively the site, other is the article previous for its time, this type of articles that have been published and but didn't get enough reader’s attention due to bad publication timing. For example writing an article announcing the invention of new flavors of ice cream was put on the markets in winter, this article will impress the reader, but here is the bad timing. This article deserves to be Re-published again, but with certain criteria as it can’t be re-published as it was previously.

  1. Ensure that the article is valid for now:

While republishing an old article, ensure that you took into account the observed changes in the history of the article which was displayed for the first time and this time. Since the reader does not want to read an article that has been around for some time. If you didn’t modify the article showing its important changes, it’s better not to republish it.

  1. Make some modifications in the article :

When you re-publish an article, it is necessary to indicate the date on which the article has been updated, therefore you must update the article's history through your blogging platform control panel, then deleting the old comments where readers don’t prefer articles which has proved its presence in advance, Or you can leave the most highlighted comments. Finally promote your article through social networking sites or by mail, and here you don’t have except two things: either to mention that you have updated the article’s content and republished it for its value, or considering it as a new article, you are free to choose what is suitable for you.

  1. Use the article as a reference:

When you find a lot of adjustments and updates that will occur to the old article it is preferable to write a new article while point to the old one as a reference only.