Tools to configure site for SEO

Tools to configure site for SEO

In this article, we’ll talk about the most important tools used in site optimization  ... in order

  • searching for keywords:

  1. first step you need to:

Research about keywords and settle for certain keywords which you’ll target it in your field through the keyword planner

This tool is provided by Google in order to help you search for keywords and know more information and analyze it. For example, the number of searching times for the word and the size of competition... 

  • On Page configuration:

   2. Second step is doing a full analysis for all your site details, and this is done by tool named Screaming Frog  which analyze anything related to On-Page SEO like  ( page title – Url headings – meta description )

And knowing a lot of details displayed on your site which also enables you from downloading it on excel and be able to submit a comprehensive report



  • measuring site loading speed:

One of the most important confidence factors of confidence is site’s loading speed which increase your ranking in Google and can be measured by a tool named Google Page Speed 

Which not only measure the speed of downloading pages, but also specify the causes of the problems which affect the site speed, whether on the mobile or Web, also teach you about safe solutions to avoid problems completely


  • Off Page optimization:

   3. After analyzing the On-Page SEO, you configure it, now it’s the Off-Page analysis step

Or what is called, the external factor influencing the arrangement of your site as Back Links, Page Rank

Google WebMaster Tools:

It is a tool provided by Google to any one owns a site which not only enables him to add the site, but also do a comprehensive analysis to alert the owners about any incoming problems, and the disadvantages that can affect their ranking also offers the best solutions to the existing disadvantages….   


  4.Last step is done after the steps mentioned above, by using your latest tool which is , Google Ayalytics:

This tool do many operations, first measuring the traffic exists in the site.

Second analyzes it a comprehensive analysis by measuring the rate of clicks and conversions, Also analyze and measure the sales and E-commerce proportions.

Where you benefit from this analyzes in making permanent improvements in your site...