?How to design a tourist site

?How to design a tourist site


How to design a tourist site?


If you have a tourist company it is necessary to have an outstanding website design professional dazzling visitor when you access it through which shows how professional this company and give a chance for your site to offer website design guide and understood the requirements demanded by clients and site visitors so that the design view Tourism site includes the following:

1-Site name

2-That are hosting 2 GB for a full year

3-You must install WordPress with Chris and it gives your site search engine friendly.

4-You must be a professional design for your website attractive and compatibleWith search engines

5-You should be contact us page and contact form in contacts and Google maps to our address.

6-You must view the possibility of tourism programs and easily modified

7-You must provide the possibility that a visitor book tourist program through the site

8-It should be available to the work of the Photo Library Video Library

9-The possibility must be the work of the sections of the tourist areas in addition to the articles

10-There should be the possibility to allow visitors to comment on your page

11-Must be bilingual site site in Arabic or English.