?How to design the construction site

?How to design the construction site


How to design the construction site?

The establishment of a website to do many stages, including:

1-To host a website on a web server

2-You must login email address required many sites available to record the addresses

3-The site must be planned and manufactured

4-The deployment site and gracious ambiance is available for all through the establishment of the file on the web server

5-You must use the services of the site drives to promote the site

6-Maintenance of the site should be permanent

The programming of the website

After the completion of the inter alia web hosting and ensure the place website site must be designed and programming feature that has two types of programming languages, namely...

The languages of Front End Development: the development and design of the website interface that shows the visitor, examples of these languages Language Text Encoding (In English: HTML), and the rss (In English: CSS), and Java Javascript (In English: Javascript).

Languages (Back End Development): Which programming languages the development logic of the website with the addition of the core processes in the unaudited accounts, and the Java language (English: Java), PHP (English: PHP, Python (In English: Python) Examples of this type of Web programming languages.