?What are the steps to create a site

?What are the steps to create a site


What are the steps to create a site?

You must do some important steps to create a new and successful website  :

 1-The website is hosted (Webhosting) must be in this step rent a place to fit the website files

2- Is domain name registrationEnglish Domin Name to website website name is purchased and is the name of the address that you entered in the Web browser to access the site

3- You must plan for the website: in this step, select the type of website and learn form the site and the content of the website

4- Who should design the site to be aware of some important things like Design Essentials and learn and select the languages that are used in design and this point is the hardest

5- You must publish the website: occurs in this step to raise the site files host site

6- Marketing mustFor site: it is a very important step for the website in order to increase the number of visitors

7- eriodic maintenance must occur for the website: website maintenance and update must always