11 Tool for analyzing websites and dealing with visitors

11 Tool for analyzing websites and dealing with visitors


Analytical tools

Data is a tool that enables you to understand the interaction of visitors with your site and how their perception of your company's brand so when testing users interact on statistical background lets you know the weaknesses and strengths of the site and to follow and implement the necessary changes immediately, so some tools prompt you From the following negative aspects research site by statistical figures such as echo rates or leave the site which gives you pointers and data for improving the site ...

  1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is working on preparing a detailed report about the visitors and how they interacted with your site and monitor traffic on the site also monitor user behavior and their sources and all that for free

  1. Crazy-Egg

Contains several tools but the best one is the heat map tool that allows clicks by users within your site making it easier to see the Web pages that contain the weaknesses and you must purchase the software to use this program but you can try it free for 30 days

3 -Click-tale

This program works to monitor up to 5000 visitors a free account with record visitor behavior on the site and how they use him and topics they are browsing and problems that you may encounter as you can also make it in analytics and image is this monitoring in accordanceWith protecting the privacy of visitors allowing hide provided hide some information


Allows you to mix live intra in waysVisitor interaction and any page watched and how to navigate with precision as it gives you a detailed analysis of the actions of visitors if watching video or share notation and is free program up to 25000 data point


_As the need for such tools to give you a clear view on the reasons for not buying users to your product or service on your site...

5- Peek

This program works to free testing for visitor experience for several minutes.And throughEnter website URL website and participants by rating and test tool also browsing the site and show some problems which obscured work on conversion rates are fixed and improved user experience

6- i-Perceptions

A message flowVisitors to three questions only on visitors, such as:

Assess the experience of visiting the site?

Is the purpose of the visit was completed?

7- Survey Monkey

This program gives entitlement to a number of questions to 10 questions and collect 100 free response and to understand how to convert a visitor into a permanent client through opinions and suggestions raised by customers.


-There are also some test tools by which to test and experience all the assumptions based on previous research

8- Optimized optical response site (Visual Website Optimizer ' VWO ')

This tool will allow you to see the tests that checkThe desired results through the possibility to modify or add items or even will tell about her as it allows you to design forms for Web experience and then see the changes be implemented directly on the site, it's free so reverb 1000 visitors


This tool helps you to know the opinions and suggestions about site visitors by displaying his new design for two seconds and end in some queries the user around and through repeat answers or suggestions be familiar with elements to be collateral, all without having to change the actual website elements And this tool is free until the first 20 response from users

_Also you can increase site conversion rates by these tools

10- Screen-popper

A small screen anbethkha higher visitor site page which attracts antiahh immediately to pay the visitor to the barriers one or hired conversion procedures depending on the aim website owner if, for example, aim to increase the number of subscribers to the mailing list for the site, such a tool can be used to provide an incentive To Exchange email and you can experience this property free for 14 days only

11- Hello-bar

Is a free promotional tool bar at the top of the page which ygsb the attention of visitors, it can be in only one-if they want from the site or through the site or high number of pages only you can when you launchNew blog using this tool to promote them