Website Design Factory

Website Design Factory


If you own a factory and you want to any website design, e-King site shows you its services and also provides advantages, it displays fine all existing partitions in your factory with pictures and details, and we will help you locate the King in the evolution of plant management in technology Advanced


King introduced the factory site design include the following:

-Good and professional design for your site With the search engines.

-View all plant sections pictures and details

-Allows visitors to comment on the pages of the site.

- Domain for a year

-Great hosting for a year

- The site is in English and Arabic language to be available to everyone.

-Possibility of adding an English or Arab control panel to manage all site sections and content.

-Ability to add applications or new offers by Control Panel with ease.

-For training on how to use the control panel.

- Having a contact us page and contact numbers, contact by mail, and Google map titled factory headquarters