Steps to create a company mobile application

Steps to create a company mobile application

First Planning:

  1. You should define the main objectives of the application and its form.

  2. The targeted category of this application should be defined and whether they need such an application and what is the value added to the targeted sample.

  3. You should search the following:

  • Applications that carry the same idea (competitors).

  • Technical requirements for building the application.

  • Financing, marketing and future application development.

Second Design and development:

  1.  The main interfaces of the application must be drawn, and there are many sites can be used to clarify the general form of the application.

  2. You should share the application design through displaying it on objects created specifically for this purpose.

  3. To develop the prototype of the application and its internal components in a way which identifies the main interfaces and specific paths such as data flow and technical needs.

Third testing:

  • We have reached the phase of testing the application in its initial version. In this stage we can avoid any mistakes or shortcomings in the previous stages, as well as testing it on various devices, as well as sharing it with specialists and decision-makers such as financiers.