CRM - Customer Relationship Management

CRM - Customer Relationship Management


Customer relationship management system is not only a system that controls and manages the relationships between enterprise and customer and save all current and prospective customer data such as personal data, enterprise data about their customers, sound recordings with customers to maintain the level of service, private e-mails Customers with the Foundation by using such a system, the potential loss of customer data be impossible where the team canAltsoiko teamData analysis review customer data at any time to work on them and assist them in upgrading enterprise service. You can easily predict the rate of growth in services provided by the Organization and ease of development, you can callOn these systems the company's history with their customers

Mechanism of action of the system

Customer service management system is one of the most important solutions that make it easier to follow the sales and marketing activities.To work on making the customer first focus helps to configure the integrated database on all enterprise selling business manner and follow and open accounts for customers and save all events that occur on a daily basis and reporting and arranging business and preview the staff efficiency in Perform sales and keep good relationship with the customer and the performance of the entire Department.



  • Better customer service .

  • Maintain existing customers with the possibility to gain new customers .

  • Easy marketing operations and sales based on reports provided by the system .

  • Easily manage the relationship with clients without reference to individuals .

  • Cost reduction in communication useless .