Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning - ERP


Enterprise resource management and planning system is an integrated system that covers all your organization's departments (customer service, human resources, finance, Contracting, stores,.Etc) so that instead of buying accounts system and customer service system and stores from different companies are compiling all these systems into one system uses one database purchased from one company .

The Properties which must


  • The system must contain the possibility of notifications when certain parts control system gives notice to the version control system
  • The system must contain the reports property where the user can easily work reports data to analyze them to give best results
  • The system must be easy to use for ease of training staff to use

  • Must contain a chat system for easy communication between employees and managers


  • Reduce the time and cost of enterprise operations easily and quickly
  • detect errors easily control mechanism in enterprise and easily change it
  • easily manage enterprise and make the right decision based on reports and numbers
  • increase work efficiency and raise the level of the staff