Discover the top 3 ways to optimize your image search engine

Discover the top 3 ways to optimize your image search engine

Many web users search for images that have been displayed on website using Google images, so we can say that you can attract new visitors to your site by using the images you display as they appear in search results for images attached to the Google search engine.

Image displaying is also possible on search engine homepage and not only to Google image search, only if the image is attached to the same keyword used in the searching for other images.

Since search engines are not able to derive the image full meaning from the image itself, but they derive this from the page context which contains the image, i.e. the content and Meta tag, in addition to alternative text to describe the image and this is done using keywords which are basic for translating and signifying the content. It is also necessary to add special image title to reach the best position in the search engine.

  • Alternative text :

The alternative text is used to describe the image. As if the image is not available for displaying, since the alternative text is considered the key for many cases, the picture may not be displayed for some reasons, most obviously is internet weakness. As a result, the image failed to load completely to the page, also you can help visitors who suffer from Visual diseases to hear alternative text which describes the image displayed in the page.

• Meta tags:

On the same approach as alternative text in images, Meta tags may be used to describe the meaning of the existing image, in order to provide the search engine with image information which improve its rank in the search engine.

  • Image size:

One of the most important factors to be circumvented is considering the size of the image displayed on the page, so the image can be loaded to visitors with low-speed, and in case of image failure, visitors will be able to know the image content through the alternative text.


It should be noted that a high-quality image must be chosen. This is one of the most important factors that must be taken into account. In addition, a unique image must be chosen for your site, i.e. the image is not displayed on any other site. Where search engines reveal the content of refined research which result decline in image rating for search engine.