Search engines optimization requires Back-links

Search engines optimization requires Back-links

To improve the site ranking in search engines, we should work closely on one of the most important factors of search engine optimization which is backlinks.

Backlink meaning:

A backlink is a link to the site, which is located in other sites, it not only helps in improving the search engines, but also increase directly the number of visitors from websites where you created backlink, only if you added this backlink in a convenient website.

However, not all of the backlinks are useful for your site, there are some standards that must be followed to improve your site without being harmful.

  1. One-way links:

This type of content is based on one need, which is good content, services and resources which the site provides. Considering this type is the most secure, but one of its biggest disadvantages is being too slow, that’s why if your site is new, adding it to specialized sites directories that have a good reputation will help your site to get up quickly.

  1. Link Bait :

If you’ll use this method, you should be creative while writing the content as it requires you to add a bait either a picture or a video or even a page on your site in order to highlight them to visitors

  1. Paid Links :

The Paid Links strategy can be used for sites which include thousands of pages full on content, and often these sites have existed for years on the Internet.

If your site is new, this strategy is not yours, as the site’s age is one of the most important factors which Google assesses the backlinks, as increasing the site age is better for you and whenever the site depends more on “Do Follow”, this improves your site for Google