Google is not the only search engine in the world

Google is not the only search engine in the world

Other than Google, there are other search engines which is shocking for many people, but there are plenty of search engines that attempt to compete and step Google out of its position, but none so far fit to fill the niche of Google search engine in the world.

Despite of Google's position as a search engine, but there are some search engines worth looking at,

So here are the top 5 global search engines after (Google):


Most Internet users turn to Google search engine, where number of users reached 69.5% placing it first among the search engines. Where Google is also dominating mobile search operation, where the proportion of mobile research done by search engine Google was 89%


Bing Search Engine is considered in second place after Google since its number of users reached 25%, according to comScore reports in October 2012, Bing is a search engine created by Microsoft to compete with Google but despite the efforts, Microsoft has failed to persuade internet users by Bing as a Search Engine.


Yahoo's search engine powered by Bing was created in October 2011 and according to reports, Yahoo ranks third in use.


The (Ask Jeeves) earlier is a question and answer site where users answer most of the questions, such as Google answer site, in addition to general research, but poor quality search results... it is worth to mention that almost 3% of daily search comes to Ask search engine.


AOL users reached up to 0.6% of search, also include many popular websites like According to NetMarketShare, AOL is ranked among the top 10 search engines.


Baidu is the most popular search engine in China since it was established in 2000. According to Wikipedia, Baidu's market share is constantly increasing. Where Baidu represents the fourth worldwide according to Alexa ranking.