What is Magento

What is Magento

what is Magneto ? magneto is an ecommerce platform built on open source technology like we talked about wordpress (click here to read).

so what is the difference between Wordpress and Magneto ?

Magneto is comparatively difficult to use ,29% of total websites, are run on WordPress. Even websites like eBay, which owns Magento, use WordPress for their blogs.it's very user-friendly, The basic e-commerce functionality in WordPress can be achieved through various third-party plug-ins, such as the popular WooCommerce plugin,WP eCommerce plugin , and so many plugins.

Magento offers a high-level of customization and functionality that serves merchants with the flexibility to set up online stores according to their business needs, and providing rich features like multi-store management, generating reports, mobile commerce,  and other vital management tools.

Magneto has two editions :

1- the Enterprise Edition is a paid it provides higher performance for larage businesses and more control over your website.

2- the Community Edition is available for free download it provides you with basic functions  as adding products categories , user groups , coupons , ...


Magneto is better than Wordpress if it's related to large Ecommerce businesses .