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Elmalek agency uses global servers in order to guarantee the efficiency of the server management to ensure your site non-stop activation and keep your messages from loss, with us your website and e-mail won’t stop even for a moment, as servers work together in a mirror technology so when any malfunction happened in one of them, the others work immediately, which makes your site available on web normally without irruption, we provide you speed, safety and hosting stability which grows your business constantly with reasonable prices and best hosting service, As our hosting servers are characterized by high performance and service stability 99% without dropping.

Hosting Most asked Questions

Hosting simply like what happens when you host someone who visits you, in this case where you have made a hosting process.

Subsequently, Web hosting means the hosting your site on hosting companies’ servers.

You must need hosting your website since your site would contain pictures, files, texts, and won’t be empty and of course, these files have a size which measured in bytes, simply it is like you writing a document on Microsoft office and saved it, for it is normal that files occupy space on your computer. Same thing, your site takes space on hosting companies’ servers.

You website’s size is determined in bytes by the hosting company itself, and eventually give you your extent on their own servers

No general rule can be laid for web hosting prices, since every hosting company vary in price  from other ones, so we couldn’t reach a specific price to be followed by all companies, but we can tell you that it approximately ranges from $1 to $5 per month.

It’s clear from its name that it means as to share more than a website on the same server with dividing its resources among them.

We have already explained that shared hosting is sharing more than one site on the same server, the advantage of this type of hosting is that it’s low-cost compared to dedicated hosting in which one person pays all the expense ...

  1. The probability of server’s vulnerability due Sharing sites for the server
  2. The occurring of any error will affect the other sites

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It’s a type of hosting which stores all website’s data for free in exchange for placing ads on your site.

One of the worst flaws of this type of web hosting, that once you succeed in reaching a number of visits, they start bargain on the purchase of a paid package by closing your site...