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It’s configuring the site in some way to become friendly to search engines, so when your site offers visitors useful things, it gains trust from search engines which makes it appear as a top search. And since Google changes frequently their used logarithms to rank sites in search engines, you should follow up the site to prevent it from falling-back after the lead, therefore we provide the best follow-up for keywords and search engines’ news, In addition to full knowledge of the tools which improve your search and conditions for continuous development of your site to serve your visitors in the first place, and foreground the search engines.

SEO Most asked Questions

Is the links coming to your site from other sites, this serve as a point to your site for Google, but you should be cautious as when the context of inbound link in contrary to your site context, it comes negatively on your site if, for example, If the link from a site whose activity contrary to yours, it will make a negative impact on your site

Internal links are the links that are referred to within the site itself. This makes visitors navigate all the site pages. However, adding internal links must be considered in an innovative manner that encourage visitors to surf the site in order to avoid a high bounce rate.

When referring the “Do Follow links” to your site, this results improvement of your site ranking in the search engines where the search engine SPIDERS see these links, and it is advisable when adding links to your blog to be “Do Follow” type in order to include full archiving, but if the number of the “Do Follow” links referred to other sites increase inside your site, this reduces your site’s order.

It’s not preferable to create backlinks to your site on No Follow sites, where SPIDERS search engines do not see these links, but it's advisable to place “No Follow” links on your site as it works on the stability robust of your site’s search engines results.

Crawling is the process of archiving all new content on the site by search engine spiders.

Indexed is the process of saving site content by search engines, so when someone searches for something related to your site's content, search engines can show your site (your content) within results.

There are two SEO techniques: White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO (negative SEO)

One of the rightest ways to get a healthy backlink for a site is by blogging comments, social networking sites, book marking, and publishing articles.

Search Engine Marketing means boosting the site by creating paid ads where the site appears in an ad area of the search engine results page.

Google Sandbox is a filter that penalizes websites which copy content, as it transports the site in delayed results in search engine results. Sometimes, Google deletes all site index from the URL.